Who are we

Located in Saudi Arabia, INTIQAAL is a tech company speciallized in cloud services :

  • Assessment & Discovery Consulting
  • Managed DevOps/DevSecOps Services
  • Cloud Professional Services
  • Team-as-a-Service

At Intiqaal we aim at accelerating the progress of digital transformation within the government and private sector (2030 Vision of KSA) as well as providing digital transformation solutions and the best practices to achieve 2030 vision. Since the creation, Intiqaal has focused on developing the digital transformation capabilities across the Kingdom by providing the high skilled engineers in continuous integration and continuous delivery and reducing the time to Go-To-Market (GTM) plan for government and privates sectors.

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What we do offer

At Intiqaal we provide our customers with a variety of services in different sectors to ensure the quality of work and the continuos support

Cloud Professional Services creates a cloud-based technology infrastructure that adapts to and evolves alongside your business.

  • Google Professional Cloud Services
  • Multi-cloud, configuration, DevOps and Security consultation services
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Support the other organization within the group to offer application as services

It’s easy for every team to set up projects quickly and in the way they see fit, without losing the agility to work across organizations.

  • Offer highly and skilled engineers with good experience
  • Different profiles available :IT Architects , DevOps Engineers, Software & Infrastructure Engineers
  • Take over the leadership role to help Organization to move forward

DevOps has been the most discussed subject these days, especially in Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

  • Providing certified DevOps Engineers
  • Taking care of the CI/CD pipelines & deployment
  • Working with security and privacy complies with Kingdom security best practices
  • Implement monitoring practices, and troubleshooting


Top DevOps Competences

Increase the efficiency of your technology and business processes with Intiqaal's professional DevOps engineers


Intiqaal's DevOps expert talent pool can significantly accelerate the software delivery and deployment process of your business

Top DevOps Competences

Our team of DevOps engineers is characterized by high qualifications and experience in the areas of technology and process management.

Large Experience

We plan to use our experience in supporting ambitious DevOps initiatives for many companies across a variety of industries.

The practice of DevOps encourages smoother, continuous communication, collaboration, integration, visibility, and transparency between application development teams (Dev) and their IT operations team (Ops) counterparts.

  • The faster development cycle ensures that the deployment of the product is accelerated while also ensuring faster correction of errors and bugs

  • Following the continuous integration and continuous delivery approach of DevOps, the actual deployment of the software speeds up considerablys

  • DevOps team can better serve the customers, incorporate the customer feedback in the future product iterations faster, leading to increased customer satisfaction

  • DevOps facilitates early detection of defects in the code and their subsequent resolution at a significantly faster rate, resulting in improvement in the overall quality of software


Target Markets

Top potential markets for which our services are oriented


Oil & Gas sector

Financial Institutions

SMB and Software companies


Red Hat

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